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When You Just Don't Know What's Wrong

Beer Tonic

Sometimes what ails a sheep can be fixed by restarting his rumen by introducing "healthy" micro-flora. Some breeders report miraculous recovery of deathbed-ready sheep by using beer to restart the rumen. (See "Dead Ram Walking" by Laurie Ball-Gisch in Sheep! Magazine, July/August 2013.)

Using a 60-cc drenching syringe, give the sheep 2 ounces of beer at a time (watch the foam). Give the sheep the entire can.
If the sheep is still alive the next day, give him another can of beer.
Repeat a third time on day three. Hopefully the sheep will be standing up, drinking water, and eating fresh hay.

Vinegar Tonic

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is believed to help many conditions including the following:

  • Fighting infection/Immune System
  • Urinary tract infections/Kidney stones
  • Metabolism/Weight
  • Constipation/Scour/Digestion/Excess gas
  • Coat condition/Skin problems/Itching/Ringworm/Fungal infections/Bites/Stings/Improves feathering
  • Mastitis/Cell counts
  • Internal/External parasites/Flies
Some breeders report that any disorder appears to benefit from apple cider vinegar.

Add ACV to feed or water or dilute it and use as a drench. (Do not use in galvanised containers.)

Dosage: 20 mL per day

You can read a more detailed article about this that includes testimonials from people who have saved sheep by dosing them with ACV. Written aby Laurie Ball-Gisch, the article is entitled "A Cider Vinegar Miracle Cure" in Sheep! Magazine, January/February 2003 at